BP 5

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a worldwide league. It’s a league that produces the greatest basketball players in the world, who indeed make the most money. The NBA trade deadline, which is a pretty big event, ended this past Thursday, with the possibilities of major trades happening. Although major trades with big name players were on the trading block, for the most part, only minimal player trades happened this year.

While players of the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Paul George, and Andre Drummond, who are all star caliber players; they did not get moved. The only big time player who got traded was Demarcus Cousins from Sacramento to New Orleans. While the likes of smaller players such as Nerlens Noel, Lou Williams, and Serge Ibaka also got traded to try and make a team playoff push.

While all trades in this league have purposes, the reasons for all of them is because the team believes it is for the greater good of the team. Whether it be because its’ a cancer on the team, they want to make a push for the playoffs, or they are just rebuilding for the future; every single trade can be looked at in a utilitarian standpoint.

Utilitarianism can be described as the most predominant version of consequentialism and it has one ultimate moral standard of utility. It is to improve the overall well being than any other action you could have done in the circumstances of maximizing goodness through moral decisions. But with these looks, not everyone has the same looks on situations and it could always cause problems.

With the trade deadline now passing with deals that have been made, presidents of teams have hoped they have made the right deals that hopefully maximize the interest of the team and fans. These utilitarianism decisions the presidents made hopefully exemplified impartiality and justified moral wisdom that would hopefully cause the least amount of skirmish throughout the organization. But ultimately, no one will know what results will end up being after years and years of more basketball.

With the trade deadline ending and presidents finally taking breaks from their cell phones. Presidents do hope that their utilitarian approach to trades hopefully will end in animalistic pleasures such as sensuous, bodily, and feel-good pleasures. But also end in attitudinal flourishing pleasures such as pleasures of the mind and soul.


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