BP 4 -Revis get’s Reamed

According to this article by the New York Times, Darrelle Revis was recently in an altercation while visiting his hometown that resulted in him facing charges for aggravated assault. The story that was received by reporters stated that a fan saw Revis walking and began recording him with his phone once he verified his identity. Initially Revis was unphased, but eventually, his temper boiled over.

Revis allegedly stole the phone from the fan (or former fan) and attempted to delete the video. When another person saw this they came to help the fan. Not long after, another individual joined to assist Revis. The two then claimed to wake up unconscious not remembering much after the interaction. This is the premise for their action in court.

The principle that sticks out to me as the most relevant is consequentialism or the lack of it from Darrelle Revis. When being an individual of high fame and stature every action must be well planned and consequences understood before the action is taken. In this case, I believe Revis would have benefited from the principles of this normative theory and the foresight to do what was going to bring the most good in the situation.

Specifically, if he were to follow the first step in the process of identifying values that are worth living by and adopting those into his lifestyle this entire situation could have been avoided. Also, it is worth assuming that he has been exposed to similar content by his agents, but in the face of temptation, he did not keep his integrity. Which in this case, is where it mattered most.





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