Yahoo Warns of More User Leaks

Last year Yahoo announced that over 500 million of their users had information compromised from their accounts. This announcement was referencing a breach in accounts that occurred over 2 years ago. This on-going investigation has brought up the question of integrity. In the last 4 years over 1.5 billion users have been affected by these security breaches.

As a business, I believe that Yahoo failed to uphold a minimal level on integrity with it’s users and customers. Offering a service such as a search engine or email hosting, one would assume that security and visibility would be core to those services. The problem with integrity in this instance is the lack of disclosure and responsibility of Yahoo. When the leaks happened they didn’t inform anyone or attempt to bring their problem to the forefront. When the security breach hit they seemingly started an investigation that last a few years, and in the end it just informed users that their data had been compromised. With the most recent incident, Yahoo disclosed the security breach with a relative amount of importance and speed. At first glance, it seems as though they have learned their lesson about integrity and being transparent with their customers. However, Yahoo and Verizon are currently negotiating a buyout of Yahoo. This move of integrity is merely just a chance to make up for past mistakes.

The integrity of Yahoo has been jeopardized by past mistakes and continues to sink lower as more security breaches take place without action from the company. Recently they disclosed more leaks in a timely fashion, but only when negotiating a business deal with another large firm. If they wanted to have integrity, they should have made consistent attempts to inform users and help protect their data. Personally, Yahoo is a company that can no longer be trusted.


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