While We’re Distracted by Drama, Economy Surging

Recently there has been a large focus around the questionable actions taken by President Trump and the executive actions he has take most specifically that of his travel ban.  However, there has been little to no focus on that of the United States economy.  Recently the United States economy has been growing quite rapidly.  Many important gauges of economic strength such as retail sales, consumer price index, housing permits, manufacturing output, and job creation.  This is all despite a mild winter which cuts down on usage of utilities such as natural gas and electricity.  Retail sales is up .8% in January when automotive sales are excluded, this usually lowers to the sales as it is a volatile market.  The consumer price index rose by .3% in January when excluding food and energy sales, which is up an overall 2.3% for the past year.  New housing unit permits rose by 4.6% in January, and 8.2% over the past year.  Manufacturing output in January rose by .5% capping of the good data pointing to an economic surge.  As well as all of these good statistics in January there were 227,000 new jobs created despite an already low unemployment rate, but this low unemployment rate can be attributed to low labor participation rates over the past few years.  Labor participation rate is the amount of currently employed workers divided by the total amount of eligible workers.  The most important part of this economic surge is the heights of the stock market.  The stock market has been rising since the election of Donald Trump due to his business positive policies.


The main focus of Donald Trump’s campaign was growing the American economy back into its once powerhouse state.  According to him this was built on blue collar positions and more free flowing business regulations.  Trump has been implementing exactly those types of regulations and plans on implementing yours.  This is showing a good side to his integrity and his values.  Trump has done what he has said he intended to do.  I believe that this follow up on his actions can point towards him truly wanting to help the American population in the way that he believes best.  These loose governmental business regulations do assume that businesses will be trustworthy, honest, and disclose all information to their consumers.  These good business practices are quite important in President Trump’s plans moving forward.  If these businesses were to start taking advantage of these regulations to gain unwarranted and unnecessary profits it will most likely affect the American populace the most.  This is something that President Trump has said he does not wish to see, however, if this does occur the actions he takes due to those businesses must be watched carefully to determine his true intentions.


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