In Islamabad, Pakistan 70 were killed and at least 250 were injured in a suicide bombing. The attack took place during a spiritual dance at a Sufi Shrine in a remote part of southern Pakistan. The Sufi people are a tolerant branch of Islam and are targets of Islam extremist groups. The Sunni militant group based in Syria and Iraq announced that they had carried out the attack. Islamic extremist groups have been announcing ownership of terrorist attacks over the course of the war. They want others to know that it was them. These militant groups are convinced that they are doing acts of good and protecting Sharia Law. These terrorist groups hold a utilitarian way of ethical thinking to justify their acts of murder, rape, etc. This way of thinking is ingrained in their brains and they are unable to see beyond this backward way of consequential reasoning.


One thought on “BP#4

  1. These acts are just sickening, it’s sad to constantly hear about new attacks such as this one. The attackers are either following through with their actions for religious reasons, or just because they simply don’t know better. Either way, I believe that it is morally unacceptable to take another’s life for as you can’t take back such actions, or bring back someone’s life. Just extremely sad…

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