Kwame Kilpatrick Scandal: Former Detroit Mayor Appeals Corruption Case Heads To US Supreme Court

By Cari Faulkner

Glaucon asks whether any man can be so virtuous that he could resist the temptation of being able to perform any act without being known or discovered.  Basically the ring of Gyges is if a person could be certain not only that an action resulting in personal benefit would not be discovered but also that if this action were discovered, no punishing consequences would follow, then would there any reason for that person to act morally? These are questions one would ask if they had something like the ring of Gyges.

The idea of the ring Gyges is to do something for personal benefits. Doing things that are not morally correct is not the best thing to do. To any normal person they would gladly indulge in something that can keep them with a clear record. To a person who can do anything they want with no consequences will ultimately lose sight  of what morals or morality are as a whole.

For this particular topic i used Kwame Kilpatrick as my example. Kwame set up a fund for a nonprofit organization for underprivileged children. Kwame felt that he could get away with using the funds for the his personal use. He felt as though he would never get caught doing these things. Until he was caught in the scandal. He reportedly used the funds to pay for luxuries and weekend trips with Christine Beatty, his top aide and mistress. Prosecutors said Kilpatrick spent more than $840,000 more than his annual $170,000 salary through kickbacks and bribes. These  personal benefits he had achieved were definitely immoral, but in his eyes he was doing things to improve his mistress and his life. Although he was doing and getting what he wants he lost sight of morals and his morality as a whole.



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