BP #4 Republican Health Proposal Would Redirect Money From Poor to Rich


In an outline of the plan that the Republicans in Congress propose to replace Obama care, federal support would be redirected towards wealthier Americans rather than those poorer. The plan is said to expand the number of Americans who benefit from federal help but in turn change who benefits the most from the support. Obamacare expanded Medicaid coverage to those below or just above the poverty line as well as offering income-based tax credits for middle income people to buy insurance, overall it was a process or redistribute money from rich to poor. This new plan is proposing a flat credit by age, regardless of income. This would most benefit older Americans. The example NYTimes uses is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (a multimillionaire) would get more coverage than a young poor person.

This does not seem to follow Consequentialism. Consequentialism states that acts are morally right because they maximize the amount of good in the world, and the acts that yield the great balance of benefits over draw backs are optimific actions. By the notion of consequentialism, we want to produce the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people, however the benefits must be balance with the consequences. This health plan seems to operate under the misunderstanding we must do whatever benefits the greatest number of people. With this new plan, everyone gets a little help. But the fact that it is age based means that some people don’t really need the help they are receiving while someone else regardless of their age could benefit greatly from it. An income based system seems more appropriate to benefit the greatest number of people who really need it. This seems to follow the gas example used in the text. if 90% are given $50 in gas coupon it would provide a little goodness for that 90%. Or the government could work to end homelessness in the lowest 10% which would yield a greater good for those people even though it is a smaller amount of people. Even though Obamacare benefits a less number of people, the goodness that comes out of it is better for those it helps.




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