BP #4

Charles Oakley, who is a national basketball association veteran who played for many teams for many years; most notably the New York Knicks. Last week Oakley got into a fight at a Knicks basketball game with the owner of the team, as well as security and staff. While some may say it was over a small disagreement, most think it was mostly over the woes that the Knicks have had this season.  The Knicks are having a awful season as they are currently not in the playoffs and Oakley being a Knicks legend has yet to hold back on his frustrations.

Last week, Oakley caused a great disturbance in Madison Square Garden as he fought not one but many people. As he was being prosecuted as a man with a  misdemeanor assault charge, not only was he given criticism, but he also was banned by the team from ever coming back to a Knicks game.

Since then, the consequence was rescinded, but really the damage has been done. Oakley now says he doesn’t accept the apology and now won’t be going to a game for a long time. Some say the owner of the Knicks was racist, and some just say he was unfair. From Oakley’s standpoint, he says it was both, which leads him to his frustration.

Consequentialism seems to be put into affect during these hard times in the organization. During the week as the Knicks received criticism by fans on Oakley’s disownment, they seemed to get the message and rescind the previous consequence towards him. They did that because they thought the act was going to maximize the goodness in the world and that it would cause the least disruption. Not having Oakley punished by the organization would produce the greatest balance of good instead of bad.

Knicks looked at the situation as it would be right action  to look at all the options in a way to see what the greatest option was, and it was shown that keeping him around the organization; whether good or not was the right thing to do.



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