Blog Post #4

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20th Century Fox got caught creating fake news in order to promote their own movie, “A Cure for Wellness”. They have created websites such as The Salt Lake City Guardian and The Houston Leader, among others. Articles on these websites have been made with collaborators from fake news creators and their articles have been shared thousands of times across Facebook, and people believing that they are true.

On of the big articles posted is called “Trump Orders CDC to Remove All Vaccination Related Information from Website” and another one called “LEAKED: Lady Gaga Halftime Performance to Feature Muslim Tribute”. The last article was shared 65,000k times on Facebook and the majority of them believe it to be true. The author stated in the the New York Times that, “the articles were puzzling as a marketing tool, containing promotional hashtags like #cureforwellness or #takethecure and plot references, but adding substantial portions of verified information so as to look like real news.”

What 20th Century Fox did is completely unethical and lacks integrity. With the recent election of President Trump, we never know what will show up in the news. To manipulate the public by posting fake articles, makes our President look worse than he already does. McFall says that the parts of coherence are consistency among beliefs, consistency in belief and action, and consistency is intentional. We can see all parts of this from 20th Century Fox and their fake news articles to promote their movie. They were consistent in continuous putting out fake articles to those (multiple) websites. They clearly did it intentionally in order to gain publicity for their movie. Its sad to see a large company take advantage of the public and the publicity from the presidential election for their own personal monetary gain.


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