Blog Post #4- Integrity

In the Washington Post an article entitled “Why this pastor believes American Girl’s boy doll is ‘a trick of the enemy” shows an example of integrity.  McFall says that there are two parts to integrity, coherence and identity conferring commitments. Coherence has three parts. First, consistency among beliefs, the pastor quotes the bible to defend his point saying “the devil wants to kill, steal and destroy the minds of our children and grandchildren by perverting, distorting and twisting to TRUTH of WHO GOD created them to be.” The pastor stays consistent with his beliefs in God and uses the Bible to show this. Second, consistency in belief and action. The pastor put his belief in action by sending a message to his parishioners, spreading his thoughts and beliefs to others. Lastly, consistency is intentional. This pastor, since he sent out the letter, has been “bullied”, as he puts it, being called names for “expressing ‘a Bible view of a world view”. With all of this temptation it would be easy to turn around and say I didn’t mean it, but this pastor is sticking to his belief. He may not want to talk to the Washington Post about it too much but he is still sticking to his original belief and being consistent.

The second attribute to integrity is identity conferring commitments. This means that some of our moral beliefs are core commitments, things we cannot change about ourselves, they are so strong and important to our person that if we change them we change who we are. The pastor feels strongly about what the Bible says, he is a pastor preaching about it for a living. To go against this belief would change who he is, and what he does. In class we said “People of integrity are committed to things a reasonable person would follow, and have temptation.” Many reasonable people believe in the Bible and in religion and face temptations every day, just like Rev. Keith Ogden from North Carolina.


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