Intel Announces 7 Billion Dollar Arizona-Based Factory

Intel, the world’s largest computer chip manufacturing company, will be investing 7 Billion United States Dollars into a new factory in Chandler Arizona.  This Factory will create three thousand jobs at its height, and will complement two other factories already in the location.  Donald Trump was quoted as saying “The people of Arizona will be very happy, it’s a lot of jobs.” Chief Executive Officer of Intel, Mr. Krzanich, said that the factory had been in consideration for several years, but not until recently did it come to fruition because of Donald Trump pushing tax cuts and deregulatory policies.  Krzanich and Trump met on Wednesday morning to discuss the future.  Intel does most of its computer chip manufacturing in Arizona and Oregon, however, it also has factories in China and Israel.

Donald Trump has come under great scrutiny for his recent cabinet picks, and his travel ban, however, one thing that he cannot be scrutinized for at the moment is his integrity.  He has immediately begun taking actions to create more jobs for the “Blue-Collar” American worker.  This was a major part of his push to become President of the United States.  He focused mostly on gaining the votes of factory workers, and the struggling rural communities to ensure his ascension to President, and so far he has been delivering on this promise in particular, with Intel building a new 7-billion-dollar factory in Arizona, as well as Ford investing 700 million dollars into a plant in Detroit, Michigan.  As well as the integrity of Trump we can also look towards the integrity of Intel.  Intel is an American based company that has made and invested a lot of money from their prowess at designing and producing quality computer chips. They have done much of this on the American worker’s dime, with not all of their computer chips being created by American workers.  This seems like it could be termed as using the American consumer, and the overseas employees for that matter, as a means to profit. Kant says that using people as a means is an immoral action, so this shift towards investing further into American workers will increase their moral value as a company.


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