BP3: Shame in Honor

Our vice president, Mike Pence, started Black History Month by honoring a white man: president Lincoln. The tweet acknowledged President Abraham Lincoln and his work around the abolishment of slavery, but fails to mention the contributions of any African Americans.

The post did not get much attention on he fact that he stated that Presdient Lincoln submitted the 13th amendment, but that he spoke about a non “african ameerican” during black history month.  Pence’s tribute to Lincoln did not sit well with many people on the world of twitter. Many “who called out the tone-deaf tweet and implored the vice president to become better acquainted with the achievements of black men and women.” Knowing a brief history of our vice president and president, the comments throughout the twitter feeds didn’t come as a surprise to many people, but the fact that he would say it made people very levied. Our vice president is acting on a Malicious Obedience, meaning that he knows what he is doing is wrong. Honoring someone who is not a part of the success of the Black History Month and know that their not, is a prime example of malicious. When people talk about Black History Month, they refer to people that are African American and that has had a very huge impact towards their culture/identity.

When Pence made that post, in my opinion, he knew what he was saying was not the right time to say any of that. You would like that our second in command of the U.S.A. would be aware of a month that people of different cultures recognized as an importance to American history would not “white wash something that was not meant to be for whites” as a twitter used, would say that about Black History Month. Wonder if what the vice president think is what our president thinks as well?
























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