BP#3 – “It’s Risky”

In this article by the New York Times, the ones responsible for preventing disease were actually putting this family at risk for more disease.

Specifically, a tool was used when operating on women’s uterus that actually spread cancer cells throughout their body. Therefore, putting the disease in a worse state than previous to the operation.

Every tool that is being used in the health industry must be approved by the FDA, but these specific doctors and hospitals failed to relay the information to the FDA knowing that it would most likely not be approved.

Moreover, they continued to use the device for a long period of time without being detected. These professionals put lives at risk solely for the reason of testing something that they thought may be a solution under the radar.

An ethical issue in the health industry cost more than just a slap on the hand, but someone’s life. I believe the most relevant philosopher’s perspective on this incident is Plato.

During the Ring of Gyes, Plato raised the point that if someone knew that they would not be caught that they would perform the unjust actions simply because they knew they could get away with it.

This example is extremely relevant for this ethical thought experiment because these were not just any people that didn’t abide by the rules when they assumed they were not being watched, but they were the hospitals and doctors that citizens should be able to trust most.

They are similar to the “most just” person in the face of the public, but when given the Ring of Gyes and the ability to disappear would become unjust with such ability.


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