With Donald Trumps new presidency, he has made many new decisions and for the most part, they are not smart decisions. We have recently seen his new order, which is the travel ban. He claims “national security concerns are unreviewable, even if those actions potentially contravene constitutional rights and protections.” A federal appeals panel on Thursday unanimously rejected President Trump’s bid to reinstate his ban on travel into the United States from seven largely Muslim nations. The panel said that the ban did not advance national security, said the administration had shown “no evidence” that anyone from the seven nations — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen — had committed terrorist acts in the United States.

When the news came out about the rejection of the ban, President Trump wasted no time in going straight to his twitter, like usual, to voice his opinion. This tweet read, “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!” I compare Trumps new presidency to the Ring of Gyges. Ever since Trump has become president, he has used it pretty much as a way of saying, “I can do whatever I want and no one can touch me.” This new form of power has made him into more of an unjust person then he already was. “No man would keep his hands off what was not his own when he could safely take what he liked out of the market.” Trump views America has his a market that he can walk into and take what ever he wants without punishment and he will continue to do so until he realizes that what he is doing is unjust.


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