BP #3: WordPress Blogs Defaced in Attacks

Article Link: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-38930428

According to an article on BBC.com, over 1.5 million blogs were defaced by hackers in attempt to take over and hack the sites for their own needs. In most of these cases, it is in an attempt for hackers to gain monetary advancements from hacking specific sites, and in this case specific blog pages. WordPress had delayed reaching out to the public in regards to the hacks in attempt to have their hosting firms update their software to the revised and fixed versions. Many hosting firms and blog pages have yet to update to the new secured software and leaves them still at risk for being hacked and defaced.

As hackers have been around for years now, and after continuing to hear about such attacks and breaches, I just find it to be an issue that might not ever be able to be resolved. Hackers are extremely good at what they do and no matter how many times they get caught and no matter how many barriers are placed in front of them they will always find a way to get around it and find a way to hack these sites. Despite hackers being extremely smart and good at what they do I believe that these actions are unjust and morally wrong. They are stealing what is not their’s and affecting people’s businesses and affecting people’s websites/blogs/etc. We can continue to try and prevent such hacks from happening but no matter what we do they will work even harder to find a way to get around any barriers and obstacles that are in their way.


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