BP #3: Continued Suspension of the Travel Ban

As always, link is here.

I’ve tried to stay away from U.S. politics that directly include President Trump, however this topic just coincides with Hobbes too well. It was impossible for me to not make the connection.

As most of you already know, President Trump’s executive order that banned people from seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) from entering the U.S. was put on suspension by the U.S. court. When President Trump went to appeal the ban, his request was denied.

The great English philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, wrote about how our society protects ourselves through the Law of Nature. Essentially, in order to protect ourselves from harm, we must give up some sort of freedom. In this case, President Trump suggests that we give up the freedom of those people who live in the banned countries, and in doing so we protect ourselves from terrorist attacks. According to Hobbes’ Law of Nature, this seems like it follows the formula quite well.

But that doesn’t mean that it is the ethical thing to do.

There is another part of the Law of Nature, one that I believe President Trump has not taken notice of. To paraphrase, we must only give up as many rights as other should in order to protect ourselves. This allows everyone to be equal and gives each person a chance to live their lives.

With President Trump’s order in place, it would mean for others to give up more rights than that of which we are giving up, while we reap the rewards of “protection.” In addition, the general public will also lose our rights to interact with people of these nations within our own borders. I believe Thomas Hobbes would argue that this executive order does not give enough “protection” to our lives for the amount of freedom it takes from us. Therefor, I do not condone Trump’s executive order and I agree with the U.S. court system’s continuation on it’s suspension.


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