BP #3

Immigration Customs Enforcement deported thirty five year old and mother of two, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, this week Wednesday after 21 years of living in America. Ms. Rayos had to leave her American-born children behind as she was taken back to Mexico this week.

Ms. Rayos came to America illegally when she was 14 years old, checking in regularly with immigration but never deported since she doesn’t fit any definition of threat to the country. President Trump’s immigration policy targets anyone found guilty of any offense big or small as well as those accused of crimes but not convicted.

Although Ms. Rayos did not legally transition into the country two decades ago, is this deportation of Ms. Rayos and other law-abiding immigrants like her really justice for America? For Trump and his supporters it is.

In Plato’s Ring of Gyges, justice is defined as the compromise between doing misdeeds with impunity and being a victim of misdeeds without retribution. Immigrants being deported would be considered victims in this definition, while Trump and his enforcers are victimizers.

Trump’s federal force might seem just by definition and if you only consider what laws immigrants might have broken, such as Ms. Royas illegally immigrating ages ago. It doesn’t seem like seeking refuge illegally deserves the punishment of having to leave your children behind.

Many argue his policy is unconstitutional, such as his travel ban from certain Muslim countries. Seems Trump’s power allows him to inflict pain onto others without having to suffer anything in return.

I think he has grown up in a way different from a lot of Americans, especially immigrants to America, which may have given him more power to do wrong onto others rather than receive it. As Glaucon would say, Trump would be a fool and considered weak if he didn’t use his power since people only act just under compulsion. I’m not so sure if this is really fair though.


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