BP 3

Betsy DeVos has been officially nominated as education secretary with the help of Vice President Mike Pence that broke a 50-50 tie. DeVos has very little knowledge of the public school systems as has her main focus is on charter schools and vouchers. Since there was a tie, two republican members voted against President Trump and his verdict. This was the first time a vice president had to break a tie on a cabinet nomination. Some issues many people perceive is that Ms. DeVos, herself, and all of her children did not attend public schools nor has she ever taken out a federal student loan – the US is the largest provider of student loans. Some people throughout the article go on about how she will benefit education (republicans speaking) and others go on about how she will deteriorate the public school system.

A confirmation hearing that was held back in January was ruthless. She not only embarrassed herself but all of her fellow republicans who had to vote for her. Some responses “best left to the states” or an answer about firearms in schools because ‘grizzlies.’ I am not big into politics, but making sure all children can get an education is the important part. Whether they go to a for-profit or a public school all children deserve the right to receive an education at a place of their choice. These kids are our future. We need to take care of them. Betsy DeVos was nominated in because she has power. She has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Republican causes and candidates. Her last name is everywhere in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas and she just comes from a lot of money and power. Throughout this week we discussed Plato and how people take advantage of things because of their wealth and power. This is what DeVos has done. She is just not qualified for this position. She is the unjust person with the good reputation of education of only charter schools and vouchers.


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