Blog Post #3- Professions

Every two years some of the world’s best athletes come together to compete at the Olympics, either summer or winter. For the past 24 years Bob Costas has been the prime-time anchor covering these games. On the Thursday “Today” show he said in an interview that it was time he left. Mike Tirico who worked at ESPN before for 25 years will be taking his place. He has covered many sporting events and covered the daytime Rio Summer Olympics last year.

Being a prime-time anchor on the news, especially for a big network like NBC is a big deal. Many people watch the news and the anchor has to know the news and how to best inform people about what is going on in the community and world. These people are well informed, and in the world of business. But are they professionals?

Bayles gives us a list of necessary features of how to identify a professional. First, a profession requires extensive training. Such as a doctor who has to go through years of school, clinical and residency before becoming a doctor. Second, the training has an intellectual component. Meaning it requires declarative knowledge, facts or information. Lastly, it provides important service to society, many people would say news anchors provide an important service to society providing everyone with important daily information about the world.

Are these three features found in a news anchor? When looking at Bayles three features, the first feature comes into question. Does being a news anchor require extensive training? A bachelor degree in journalism is needed to enter the field, as well as experience. Many would not see this as extensive training considering many jobs require a bachelor degree and experience. The other two features can be found, but all three are needed. Many things we call professions are put into question because of these three features, such as sports players. Who is a professional and who is not? Is Bayles list of necessary features right?


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