Blog Post 3!

Whether it is for the commercials, social life, or for the love of the game; 110 million people watched the Super Bowl LI this year. Most people saw the New England Patriots make an historic comeback to beat the Atlanta Falcons to win the Lombardi trophy. While the celebration started and the NFL season came to an end, new questions started to fill the air.

It has been a tradition for a championship sports team to meet with the president at the White House. But through all the political debates, potential problems, and lack of acceptance in players eyes; many players have declined the White House visit offer this year. While players in the past have declined the offer due to political reasons, it’s more noticed now because of the presidential change.

At least 5 members of the Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots have declined the offer to go to the White House, as most say because “They don’t feel welcome”. While some look at the situation with negativity, by thinking how could someone decline a White House visit offer, in all reality they have the 100% right to do so.

This ties in perfectly with the right of nature. The right of nature is the given right to do as we see fit for our own preservation. That means that the New England Patriots can exercise their constitutional right by having the right to do whatever they want under law in any given situation.

While there isn’t any type of walking dead experience in the NFL, the New England Patriot players also have a state of nature. The state of nature is they have perfect liberty to do whatever they want. This is closely related as they have freedom to do as they please whether it is a positive or negative state of liberty towards society. While in some eyes, missing the White House meeting may be a negative for some because its tearing down a tradition that has been built, others it could very well be a positive towards others.

This story has been majorly enlarged because of the presidential change with Donald Trump and his looks upon the country. Most still do not notice that it has been done in the past, but either way the new president will get more scrutiny as the visit grows closer. The moral of the story is that whether it be a tradition or not, players have their rights to do whatever they want in the sense of going to the White House or not. They have the power to say no, and they should as well be respected for that decision.


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