BP #2 (REVISED)- Flushing Drugs with Pride

According to a recent article published by the New York Times, there have been many issues occurring due to the improper disposal of prescription drugs by those receiving the medications.

Specifically, drugs that have been sitting for long periods of time mustn’t be thrown away in the traditional waste bin. But rather, the safest way to dispose of drugs is to flush them down the toilet. Unfortunately, when using traditional waste bins, people are still being exposed to chemicals that may be of harm to them or their family.

Unfortunately, the disposal of drugs is not something traditionally taught throughout educational institutions. Thus, this leaves many people not following the rules, due solely to their unawareness rather than attempts at being malicious or their incompetence.

I believe this is a point that has been neglected by Davis during his piece on professional responsibility. Though the one committing the act, improperly disposing medications, will be subject to the same consequences as those who have done so intentionally- it is for a different reason. 

When looking at other articles and debates that have arisen in the past, the reason for committing certain acts usually determines the level of the consequence. In our society, when someone performs an act because they are sincerely incompetent of the rules that have been made (mental illness) they are sentenced to fewer consequences.

I also believe that this incident cannot be categorized as accidental obedience because these specifications do not fall within the boundaries of “due care”.



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