BP2 Widow of Orlando Nightclub Killer Knew of Attack Plans

50 dead and 53 wounded, the largest mass shooting in the United States. On June 12, 2016, A lone gunman attacked an Orlando Nightclub in support of an Islamic State terrorist organization. The man (Mr. Mateen) had been interrogated by the FBI in the past but they couldn’t conclusively connect him to be affiliated with  any terrorist organization. Mr. Mateen had been converted to the radical faith through online sources.

Even though Mr.Mateen acted alone in his attack, there was one person who knew about him and his desire to shoot people at the Orlando nightclub, his wife. Ms. Salman told the authorities that “I knew when he left that he was going to commit the attack.”  The actions or lack thereof by Ms. Salman are quite disturbing. She completely ignored a moral responsibility to those who could potentially become victims. The article says that she was being abused and under pressure from her husband and not to speak out. Regardless of her immediate safety, Ms. Salman actions are in line with the idea of Negligent obedience. She was in a position that could have stopped or minimized the outcome of the attacks, but instead she did nothing. She ignored the sense of Due care to warn others or contact authorizes about what could potentially happen. Ms. Salman said she knew her husband had left the house with a bag full or weapons, yet she neglected to take action, resulting in the injuries and deaths of others.

Morally and legally Ms. Salman acted within her own interests and didn’t attempt to warn or stop of the ensuing tragedy. Her lack of empathy and failure to exercise Due care as member of society is quite disturbing. The moral actions of one individual are rarely tested in such a high stakes scenario, but ultimately Ms. Salman lacked the ability to act reasonably and ethically. Her act of negligence will likely cost her life in prison.


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