Political Super Bowl Commercials

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84 Lumber, a private supplier of building materials based in Pennsylvania, purchased a 30 second commercial spot during the Super Bowl for $5 million. The story-line of the commercial is described as a journey traveling north of “a Spanish-speaking mother and daughter confronting a border wall between the United States and Mexico.”

Maggie Hardy Magerko, the president and owner of  84 Lumber, intentions for the commercial was to “recruit employees in their 20s ‘who really believe in American dreams.'” 84 Lumber will keep their spot for the commercial, however, they did have to cut the section of the wall out in order to comply with their policy  that “it will not sell commercial time ‘for viewpoint of advocacy of controversial issues.’ It adds that advertisers cannot use the space to address such topics.”

Superbowl advertisements are reviewed to ensure that they do not violate any advertising policies. It is hard nowadays to stray away from anything political, especially with the recently election and controversy regarding our recently elected President. Political topics through advertising have been a gray area for some time.

I do not think that their intention of the commercial was to bash our President’s policies but to shine light on the changes that are happening within our country. By telling 84 Lumber that they need to alter their commercial, Fox has removed their opinion. Calhoun believes a person with integrity sticks up for something that they think everybody should endorse. In a way, 84 Lumber is sticking for their right to advertise and address their concerns about labor shortage, not intentionally making the advertisement political. Everyone should have the right to express their concerns publicly.


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