BP#2: Gaga Leads the Half Time Super Bowl

In recent years, women have almost completely taken over the most highly visible gig in American pop: The Super Bowl halftime show. It may be a male dominated category, but women are starting dominating. “Women have all but taken over the Super Bowl since the Who — working hard, looking weary — headlined in 2010” stated author Jon Pareles.

Female pop stars require its own athleticism, timing, discipline and unerring performance under pressure. The article mentioned Katy Perry, Madonna and Beyoncé that have performed at the Super Bowl as strong women, also accompanied by their dancers. This upcoming Sunday, the 51st Super Bowl Half Time Show belongs to Lady Gaga. It is said that she will perform some of her more well-known songs such as “Bad Romance.” Lady Gaga has neither revealed any guests nor ruled out the possibility. Nor has she telegraphed whether her set will have any direct political messages.

“Coldplay was the nominal headliner last year, and even Bruno Mars, who played in 2014, for part of the set and added 2013’s headliner, Beyoncé.” With everyone that ever preformed at the Super Bowl Half time show, the question is can each performer be consider a profession? Most people would say the singing is a profession because they had extensive training, meaning they had to practice a lot when it comes to vocals and dancing. Then again, people would also say it’s not. Anyone can train their voice if they wanted to. Then it comes down to does the training involve an intellectual component? Each performer needs to have some level of knowledge when it comes to how to train their voice, and even what tempo the song is in order to dance too. Then its brings up the final question: how does each of the performers provide an important service in society.


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