BP #2: Restaraunt Manager Charged After Teens Suicide

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According to the article on CNN news, 17 year old high school junior, Kenneth Suttner had committed suicide this past December due to being constantly bullied and ridiculed within the high school he attended as well as at Dairy Queen, his place of employment. After hearing her testimony in court in front of multiple friends and family members of Kenneth, charges were placed upon his manager Harley Branham, for bullying and ridiculing Kenneth on many different occasions. Actions such as making Kenneth scrub the floor of the restaurant by hand while lying on his stomach and as well as one time throwing a improperly cooked cheeseburger at him, had been reasons to why she was placed responsible for bullying and treating Kenneth inhumanely. Branham’s arraignment date is set for sometime later this month.

After having grown up dealing with bullying from fellow classmates and kids throughout the neighborhood, I can relate to the impact that bullying has on an individual and the negative impacts that it can have on an individual’s daily life. Hearing stories of people who reach the point to where they feel as if living and dealing with such bullying is unbearable, and those who reach the point of taking their own life is beyond heart breaking. When it all comes down to it, my question is where such bullies moral virtues have come from, the environment they come from, the way they were raised, the way that they were treated themselves, et cetera. I think that paying attention to creating a more open environment and less of a judgmental environment whether it be at home, work, or school, will cause less people to feel the urge to bully others and will in the end help prevent those who are being bullied to feel the need to take their own life. Unfortunately Kenneth had been affected to such an extreme by constant ridicule and bullying. Hopefully people can look at this story as an important reminder to respect others for who they are and to resist the temptation to judge and bully others. Rest in peace buddy.


2 thoughts on “BP #2: Restaraunt Manager Charged After Teens Suicide

  1. Such a sad story. People don’t realize their negative actions can have such a huge impact on someone else’s life. I always think what went wrong during their life where they think it’s okay to treat others with such disregard? My hope is that one day, as a society, we can move past things like this and love one another as an equal.

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  2. Suicide is always a really hard topic to read about in the news, especially when it involves someone at such a young age. Bullying is something that happens on an everyday basis, and its monitored as adequately as it can be. However, when this boy was working at Dairy Queen, he probably expected least of all to be bullied by his boss. It’s too bad she didn’t realize the impact of her actions until it was too late. Living in a community and society that emits positivity and acceptance is a goal that the world strives for, however its little things like words small actions that can effect someone negatively. Sometimes even pushes them over the edge. RIP Kenneth.

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