BP #2

This article focuses on the people behind the app, Snapchat. Within the 5 years it has been up and running Snapchat has gradually made it’s way up the stock market being worth well over a billion dollars. Snapchat has obviously been a success as well as the people who help run it. Evan Spiegel, founder and chief executive of Snapchat, and Bobby Murphy, cofounder and chief technology officer, were fraternity brothers at Stanford University where they just happened to think of this multi-billion dollar company. Along with several others mentioned in this article that have specific responsibilities such as Irman Khan, chief strategy officer; Timothy Sehn, senior vice president; and Michael Lynton, director and chairmen of the board.

Throughout the week we related what a job is and what an actual profession is and the three common features of a profession according to Solomon. Becoming a millionaire from creating an application is common, but what are more common are the people who help make it better. I always believed creating an app was always for fun, but they actually become businesses such as Facebook. Facebook has become a huge corporation and more than a billion people are active as well as much as its worth is well over $40 billion. These ‘jobs’ take a lot of work and each person that is a part of these companies make their own contributions and they have their own responsibilities. So really, these people are making a profession out of these jobs. The only thing that is not going along with Solomon’s three features is that they don’t have to go through a certification process. To put an app in the app store, whether it’s a Droid or Apple, you do not need to be a certified application manufacturer. These companies have great organization of each member and each person(of Snapchat that I know of) has been through rigorous schooling. Ethically, I would consider this be a profession, but what would this ‘profession’ be titled?



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