BP #2

With Donald Trump becoming our new president, he has already made many important decisions. This includes who is going to be on his team. He has recently chosen Betsy DeVos to join his team to become Secretary of Education. With this choice, it has come with some backlash. Many are worried that she is not fully qualified for the job. For example, when she was asked about the Individuals with Disabilities Act, she “seemed ignorant”. She has also been called “an out-of-touch billionaire. Some worry she will not be able to do the job because she has no idea what it is like to have to pay back student loans or what it’s like to live under the poverty line and still have to pay for school.

Reading this article made me think about professionalism and the way Michael Bayles talks about it. He talks about three necessary features when it comes to the professions. First is extensive training, second is that training has an intellectual component, and third is provides an important service to society.

When thinking about Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, I wonder if she is either professional enough, or professional at all for this job according to Bayles. She might have enough training to be in politics, but does she have enough training for federal education law? I don’t believe DeVos has the intellectual component when it comes to the Secretary of Education. I don’t think this is just something you can learn out of a book and then be all set to go. You need to have a lifetime of hands on experience. This job obviously provides an important service to society, but will she provide the type of service that will benefit all of society or just the rich society?


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