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Patrycia Piontek- Sampha Steps Into the Spotlight

Sampha Sisay, a British singer who was the most sought out collaborator in 2016, releases his debut full-length album this upcoming Friday. He’s most popularly known for working with Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Solange. After his latest collaboration, with Drake’s “Nothing Was the Same” album, he began to opening shows for colleagues and performed at the Coachella music festival this past spring.

Samphra brings an earnest and emotional tap to his singing. Wall Street Jornal explained, ‘”Samphra’s voice stands out at a time when R&B is experiencing a renaissance thanks to its vulnerability.” His most popular song, Like The Piano, prompted many of the artists to consider collaboration on albums. Its about the piano in his family home in South London, where he cared for his cancer-stricken mother for six month before her death in 2015.

His profession is a keyboardist and electronic producer. The textbook describes three main common features used to describe professions. First, a rather extensive training is required to practice a profession. In most situations this extensive training is school, whether it be a certificate of completion for a job, or a university degree in a certain major. In Sampha’s situation, he’d dropped out of college a couple of years before 2010 because he wasn’t connecting with the courses.

The next component is training involves a significant intellectual component. It wasn’t until Samphra met Young Turks that he started to learn more indepthly about his gift and what it takes to express in to the world.

The final common feature is the trained ability provides an important service in society. In Samphas case, he is providing other colleagues the opportunity to collaborate with him and expand their musical knowledge. As well as fans and the consumer base. Music is something that inspires people and encourages them express themselves.

Overall, a profession truly has no definite, universally accepted definition, because Sampha didn’t follow the conventional three common features that most people do. Being an artist is something many people aspire to be, and the process is gruesome and long, but at the end of the road the feeling is very satisfying. In an profession too, not just music artists.





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