BP # 2

Challenge for Super Bowl Commercials: Not Taking Sides, Politically

The company 84 Lumber is running an advertisement in the Super Bowl this year for the first time. Their initial plan was to show a Spanish-speaking mother and daughter on a journey while showing Americans building a large structure. A wall would stop the mother and daughter and then a patriotic symbol would show a door for them to enter, which is what the Americans were building. The final line would read, “The will to succeed will always be welcome here.”

This advertisement was banned “too controversial” by Fox, so 84 Lumber had to make alternate plans. The executives at Fox News had to make the decision not to allow the original advertisement to air. They are the professionals in their field; they are the ones with extensive training and an intellectual component in their field. Professionals have to make decisions every day by weighing pros and cons and assessing what impact decisions will have on society.

Maggie Hardy Magerko is 84 Lumber’s president and owner. She is disappointed and shocked that this advertisement is not allowed to run. Although Maggie is a professional in her field, she still has to be obedient to Fox’s orders. The National Football League and Fox Network reserve the right to approve or disapprove the ads. Although she doesn’t agree with the decision, and she could still run the advertisement, she weighs the consequences and decides to take the moral route. It is important for professions in the workplace to follow the rules set by people above them.

The fact that Maggie had to follow the rules of a different organization does not make her any less of a professional than the executives at the Fox Network. Some may see it this way, because she is following someone else’s orders.

The article goes into talking about a Budweiser commercial that was recently released. Marcel Marcondes, vice president of marketing at Anheuser-Busch, states, “…you can’t reference the American dream today without being part of the conversation.” Even if we try to be unbiased, it is impossible in this day and age. If we say anything about the American dream, we are taking a side. This is what Marcel Marcondes is trying to get across.

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