Blog Post 2 – Happiness

Beyoncé announced Wednesday that she and Jay Z will be having twins. Beyoncé posted a picture of her baby bump on Instagram with the caption “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes – The Carters”

This reveal was exciting to her fans and the public. Beyoncé seems to always have huge news stories bringing her into the spotlight. She was a huge news story with the release of Lemonade last year. The album told a story of “a struggling relationship, including explicit infidelity and, eventually, reconciliation.” says Coscarelli. No one knows if the story was about her life or not. Beyoncé chooses to keep her life with Jay Z and her family private and only will discuss her personal life how she wants.

Beyoncé says she is happy and she seems to be happy, but what is happiness? People will give all sorts of answers but many believe that happiness is wealth, honor and pleasure. Beyoncé has all these things so she has to be happy right?

According to Aristotle these three things are not what true happiness is and here is why.

Wealth is instrumentally valuable, meaning people acquire wealth not for the sake of being wealthy but to get something else. In our world we have to have money in order to do just about anything, it is a tool we use.

Honor, in today’s world better known as fame, does not depend on oneself. Fame depends on others that give you the recognition and time of day.

A life of pleasure is fine but when a person becomes a slave to that pleasure they can become miserable. A life of pleasure is incomplete and people are needing more.

Aristotle says happiness is many things. Happiness is intrinsically valuable, or good for its own sake and good on its own. It needs to be dependent on yourself and your own actions, whether you are happy and satisfied depends on you. Aristotle believed people should not have to depend on others for happiness. With happiness you feel satisfied and nothing else is needed. It cannot be summed up in just one word. Simply put it is wisdom, reason, virtue and other things. Happiness is practicing virtue, or “being really good at being a person.” What does that mean?

People often say Beyoncé is “perfect” or that she is the “perfect human being”. Do they mean this in the same way as Aristotle is saying?

Being a good mother and caring about your family and others seems to be something an exceptional human being would do. It brings many people joy to have a family and care for other people. In this sense Aristotle’s definition of happiness can be found because she is good at being a person. It is not the wealth, fame and pleasure that make her happy it is the family and her own actions.


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