BP #1 Headline

As Donald Trump takes his first week into the presidential office, I believe most can say anything that he does will be looked at extensively. He’s made multiple efforts as of yet, by earlier this week signing his first executive order on abortion. Later working on reducing regulations, affordable care act, voting rights, as well as others. But perhaps his largest action was on immigration.


President Trump has created some noise after the cancellation of the meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto that was scheduled for next week. Trump has extensively talked about building a wall on the Mexico and United States border, and now it looks like it wasn’t just a presidential lie. Trump previously talked about how Mexico will pay for the wall but that was put on halt. Now Trump has talked about other plans, which would impose a 20 percent tax on all imported goods, in attempt to try and pay for the estimated $20 billion dollar wall.


In saying that, whether it’s the right think to do or not; Trump is making his promises which does mean something. According to Aristotle, there are two types of happiness: instrumentally valuable and intrinsically valuable happiness. For Trump, his efforts into attempting the proposed bill to support the Americans who voted for him is instrumentally valuable. His plan to at least attempt to make his promises and have a proposed deal could possibly be a positive for the country as a whole. Trumps prior knowledge of business may have this all figured out.  

However, if the bill does go past; Americans will eventually see if it was the right think to do or not. According to McFall, Trump may be doing this just so he can gain the trust of the nation as a coherent and consistent leader. As the next four years come and go, the nation as a whole will be waiting on if electing Donald Trump was the best choice for this nation or not. With time, people will gain that idea. 








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