BP#1 Pope Francis Reiterates Support for Public Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in public has been a hot topic of controversy in the U.S. for quite some time.Health scientist has long questioned the practicality and benefits of Breastfeeding. The rapidly growing industry of the convenient food and the push for modernity post-WWII depicted breastfeeding as a taboo. Breastfeeding quickly became something only women of at lower socioeconomic status or women living in a third-world country would do.

In the U.S. today, those with conservative views still hold a negative cogitation towards public breastfeeding while those who are more liberal are tolerators or are major supporters. I find this is to be unfair for women who may not be able to afford to feed their babies with manufactured powdered formula. Luckily for mothers and women who want to become a mother, breastfeeding in public is trending and being supported by both new and experienced mommies across the country.

Public breastfeeding in Britain has not been as scrutinized as in the U.S. but it’s not exactly celebrated either. Since becoming the leader of the Catholic world, Pope Francis has now twice publically expressed his support for women to breastfeed their babies while sitting in the pews of the Sistine Chapel. As infants cried, Pope Francis encouraged mothers by saying to them, “You mothers give your children milk and even now, if they cry because they are hungry, breastfeed them, don’t worry”.

Pope Francis is one of the most respected leaders around the globe by both Catholics and non-Catholics and his support for breastfeeding is not the only reason. His heart of gold and virtuous acts are what drive his popularity.Pope Francis acts and speaks with honesty and is wholesome in his opinions. The Pope wasn’t trying to oppose anyone or start any type of conflict by publically approving breastfeeding, he was only concerned with feeding the hungry children and allowing the mothers to be comfortable doing so. His direct display of integrity here is honest and true.BP #1


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