BP#1: A Country Lost in Corruption

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Recently, in an ongoing wave of corruption based arrests and investigations within the country, Brazil has publicly declare a warrant for the arrest of Eike Batista, an man who controls a massive petroleum empire, millions of dollars in mines, and at one time was one of the richest men alive and even claimed he would become the richest.  This arrest was brought on by charges of bribery in which Mr. Batista is accused of having sent multiple bribes to Sergio Cabral, the former governor of Rio de Janiero, where the state-owned oil company Petrobras is located, then hiding said transactions.  Investigators are not sure as to the exact reason behind the bribes but the large expansion Mr. Batista’s petroleum company around the time of the bribes cannot be overlooked.  Yet this case only repeats the rhetoric that has continued as of late in Brazil as it seems the country is far deeper in corruption than once thought.

At the height of his fame and wealth, Eike Batista was an icon for the Brazilian people.  A model citizen and entrepreneur who was proof that fate was in Brazil’s favor at a time when nationalism was taking over the nation.  Now, the country that was just in the international spotlight while  holding the Summer Olympics, is now sinking deeper and deeper into the sludge that was once its very foundation.  The integrity of the Brazilian government as a whole is being called into question these days as more and more it seems the nations great political leaders were stained by corruption.  For years the government before had portrayed a position that the country was on a good path to progress and now it comes to light that those were empty words backed up by empty promises as those put in power lined their own pockets instead.  This disconnect between the Brazilian people and their government in the past could and has lead to distrust of the current administration as it becomes hard to trust them when many before them lied.  As well, from what I have seen in other articles and cases, most of the arrests involving corruption in the government seem to be from former leaders, while little is seen to determine whether or not the current leaders are partaking in these acts too.  Due to all this, the Brazilian government is have a tough time not only maintaining its integrity but also saving face on the international side.  Right now, as unfortunate as it may seem, only time will really tell as to who the people of Brazil can trust and where their future as a nation lies.


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