The article I chose to write about is one that touches on Planned Parenthood. It’s about an anti-abortion group releasing a video that targets Planned Parenthood and its prenatal services. The video shows a woman calling 97 of the Planned Parenthoods within America regarding women receiving prenatal care. They reported that out of the 97 centers they called, only five reported that they indeed did provide prenatal care. Most of the centers provide termination services, which allows that they do not need to provide prenatal care. At the end of the video it gave a call to action to help defund Planned Parenthood

In the book Lynne McFall talks about integrity as being about your beliefs and who you are as a person. She mentions that integrity would provide the willingness of one to bear the consequences of their convictions, despite the difficulty.

Cheshire Calhoun touches on how integrity is about how our beliefs involve us and how we are as a community, and in my opinion, Planned Parenthood follows this line of thinking more accurately. They provide services for a an entire population rather than just a single one of us.

With both the video and definition of integrity in mind, I wondered if the anti-abortion group ever thought about their own integrity. I can assume that the group thinks that Planned Parenthood has no integrity because of the services they provide to the public. Of the many services that Planned Parenthood provides, many protestors are simply anti-abortion. They disagree with one of the services provided. So, in their minds, that means end it all. Unfortunately, the group isn’t thinking about the center’s other services.


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