BP #1: Obama the first ‘scandal free’ president?

Image result for goofy picture of obamaThe article provided by the Washington Post used the term scandal-free to describe President Obama’s rein. The article compares his presidency to prior White House families and proves that there never was a PR crisis during his 8 years. The article brought up the that many presidents sank the White House during their second term.

The Washington post does a great job of recapping other scandals with very influential like Ronald Regan, Bill Clinton, and of course- Richard Nixon. The author went on to explain that Obama isn’t completely innocent but his incidents are minor compared to his predecessors.

The article concludes with noting that, “scandals are in the eye of the beholder.” Overall it seems that to the public, Obama’s legacy will be without any major scandals.

Looking at this article from the outside, it’s amazing to me that in the heights of an age that is ran by media and celebrity scandals our president was able to stay above water. In my opinion, the scandal-free eight years is a great testament to Obama’s integrity as a person.

McFall would agree with this statement, Obama was consistent in his life. Eight years under the biggest spotlight in the nation, he was consistent in his actions, beliefs, and was intentional with his every decision. Interesting enough, Obama’s campaign slogan was “yes we can,” to quote Calhoun, “integrity is not about me, it’s about us.” Obama wanted to show his integrity not for himself but for his people. His contribution to the world did not go unnoticed and he will forever be remembered as a leader of great personal virtue.

Integrity is one of the greatest traits a person can possess. For the sake of our nation, integrity should be the number one qualification for any president. Although his political views may be controversial his integrity is undeniable. As for the next four years, we can only hope for best.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2017/01/19/has-the-obama-white-house-been-historically-free-of-scandal/?utm_term=.86bf107c2a03






One thought on “BP #1: Obama the first ‘scandal free’ president?

  1. I believe you make a good point. Many Presidents have had problems during their presidency and usually seem to go against what they originally say. For the most part Obama stayed true to who he was and to his beliefs. He did what he believed was better for the country, and did what was right even when people did not agree and tempted him to change his mind. According to our definition of integrity Obama has integrity.

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