BP #1

Just glancing at the title of this article, it is evident there is an ethical issue in play. The word “stolen” is a term people associate with acting wrongly; taking property or objects that are not yours. James Ratcliffe was charged with stealing 15 vehicles from the State Department of the United States in Northern Virginia. He alone, of course, could not steal 15 large cars. According to the article he had help from an inside source.

Ratcliffe sold all but two of the vehicles him and his accomplices stole. The whole plot made Ratcliffe $408,520 total. He sold some as whole vehicles and some in parts through his own shop that he has owned for 32 years.

As an employee of the US government, Ratcliffe’s co-conspirator was not acting justly. As a public servant to the people, this person should be honest and dependable. Neither of these were displayed when he decided to be Ratcliffe’s inside man.

These men clearly want money; that was the main goal with this scheme. Many people believe that money equals happiness, I’m sure all men involved in this scandal imagine that is true.

These men were not born with the will to cheat. Throughout their lives they may have even said that they were ethical human beings. Somewhere along the way they were tempted to erase some of their integrity in order to achieve, what they believe was happiness. The ones who say no to the temptation are the ones who keep their integrity.

James Ratcliffe confessed to these crimes in court. I do not think this gives back any of his integrity. However, maybe it helps with creating a new identity for him in rehabilitation.



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