BP #1

This article I have found talks about how passengers of American Airlines with food allergies (particularly nut allergies) may not fly on this specific airline. Other airlines such as Delta, Jet Blue, and Southwest have accommodations to these food allergies. So why not American Airlines?

Even though these families carry all medication with them everywhere they go, these airlines will still not allow them to fly. Air France doesn’t allow any nut allergy families to board either, but they help the customers find another airline that will for a smooth transition.

This leads to many problems. One being people getting frustrated because they were not aware of this conduct and now has to find a different airline, and two, families still get on the aircraft without notifying any staff of any food allergy and risk the emergency just because they don’t want to deal with the extra stress of moving to a different airline. We mentioned in lecture within this past week about consistency and I feel as if it would be related to when families are kicked off a plane for an allergy. If the nut allergy is so bad, they should have done their research in advance. Just like they may do before any other trip. Instead of getting on a flight without notifying any staff, that is just giving into temptation and risking a very serious emergency that is just waiting to happen. As American Airlines tries their best to accommodate any issue they need to be aware of sensitive people. In a business like this, the motto is just making the customers happy. According to Aristotle, happiness is not pleasure or honor, but in this case to make the passengers happy and understand the reasoning behind their decision is crucial.



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