BP #1

This article discusses six journalists who were arrested and charged with felony rioting during protests that happened Friday during President Trump’s inauguration. Evan Engel, Alexander Rubinstein, Jack Keller, Matthew Hopard, Shay Horse, and Aaron Cantu all denied being involved in any of the violence that was going on. There arrests sparked a discussion about first amendment rights, but more importantly these journalist were merely trying to do their job.

The arrested journalist are unable comment on the case since it is still currently in progress so it is impossible to know exactly what their intentions were, but journalisms are generally passionate about sharing the truth with the public through an unbiased view.

The fact that these journalists got arresting trying to tell the story shows great integrity by McFall’s standards. Assuming they value telling the unbiased view of the story, there actions certainly are consistent with their beliefs. The threat of being arrested can be considered facing temptation to go against their moral principles. It is hard to comment on the intentional aspect because as mentioned above they may have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time. That being said it is hard to believe a journalist who isn’t passionate about their work.

According to Calhoun, these journalists would have high social virtue because they are maintaining a proper relationship towards others and being a good member of the community despite the repercussions that they may face themselves.


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