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In a Swirl of ‘Untruths’ and ‘Falsehoods,’ Calling a Lie a Lie

BY: Mason Bialik

Words matter, more today than ever. More often its how you say it not necessarily what you say that matters the most. This concept has been thought over by many since Trump announced via tweet, that he would have won the popular vote if so many people hadn’t voted illegally because they were an undocumented immigrants. Since that tweet the New York Times felt that it would be appropriate to call out Trump’s false accusations with a headline that used the actual word lie directly tied to his name.

President trump enjoys the negation of any sort of negative claims or assertions against him from the press or really anyone for that matter. Trump frequently uses baseless claims that make him look positive because he is very practiced in the rhetorical tradition of communication which can be defined as communication as an artful public address. Through this method of communication Trump has come up with many words about the dishonest media, the end of Obamacare, and the construction of that border wall with Mexico. This list is abbreviated, and he hasn’t even completed his first week in office.

The moment that Donald Trump has set foot in office he has unleashed more words with consequence than any president before him, by trying to impose his negative views of the world on the american public. Through this process Trump has also got into the habit of saying what ever he wants and expecting everyone to believe his baseless claims against certain people or groups. Trump consistently uses lies and baseless claims to try and control the public. A lot of people see him lacking in integrity from what he has said and what he has yet to do. McFall believes that integrity develops through consistency, and with Trump’s consistency in this aspect he is building himself up be the leader of the United States with the least integrity.



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