BY: Patrycia Piontek

A recent crisis arose involving Samsung Electronics Co. at an event in Seoul this past week. The companies Galaxy Note 7 smartphones had been undergoing some problems involving the manufacturing and designs of the device’s batteries. Although the company apologized and diagnosed the battery problems, they began undergoing a campaign to restore their consumer trust. Even though the only malfunction occurred within the smartphone part of the company, it also produces washing machines, televisions, laptops, etc. Which effects their other electronics sales reports.

When discussing ethics in professional life we must take in account the importance of integrity of not only a single person, but of an entire company. Samsung had a great reputation without any ethical dilemmas erupting, however when their recall occurred for the Galaxy Note 7 people began to waiver their trust and began to divide. With their campaign to gain their trust back, Samsung does a very good job presenting their moral uprightness and empathy for the malfunction.

McFall believes that integrity develops through consistency. Samsung did a good job deliberating what their companies’ beliefs should be and how they should be taken care of if an issue may arise. The commitments they decided upon are the ones they must act upon morally to keep with their clients, or else their reputation and business will do downhill. Integrity is one of the best things to have because it shows someone’s or a company’s true character.

Wall Street Journal: Samsung Looks to Repair Consumer Trust http://www.wsj.com/articles/samsung-looks-to-repair-consumer-trust-1485247747


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