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When most people hear the word integrity they think “doing what is right when no one else is looking” or sticking to ones beliefs. But integrity goes deeper than that.  In the article Two Retirees Create Marijuana Packaging Business in Colorado, the two women give a wonderful example of integrity.

Many people are getting into the industry of marijuana as it grows, creating companies to sell their products. Two entrepreneurs are Deb Baker and Barb Diner. They are both retired and needed a way to get some income. In 2014 they decided to start Higher Standard Packaging making child-resistant marijuana containers to follow regulation. When looking into the industry they noticed containers used many chemicals and were not safe for containing food. They wanted to produce a product that was F.D.A. – approved and child-resistant. So they looked into making containers from recycled plastic milk jugs.

McFall believes that integrity comes with consistency. Being both consistent with your beliefs and actions. You must act for the right reasons and intentionally follow your beliefs even when tempted. In doing this you create identity conferring commitments, these are core commitments which make us who we are and if we go against them we change who we are as a person.

Over time the women have created a relationship with about 50 clients. The ladies say the company relies on personal interaction. “The more we can interact face to face with our clients, the better chance we have of identifying their needs, wishes and dreams. It’s a time consuming model but is serving us well.” They believe that having that personal connection helps them to conduct business better. Ms. Diner says “we’re resisting that model” to sell low cost containers made overseas. These are two of Higher Standard Packaging’s identity conferring commitments, like they say it is more time consuming and it may be tempting to change the way they do things to save time and money. But they believe what they are doing is what is right for the business. If they do something different it would change who they are as a company. Little changes to the company like expanding to different states or adding products are peripheral commitments they are easily changed without changing the image or character of the company. Many people look at integrity as a good thing to have. This could be why this new business is so successful.


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