First Blog – South Korean Artists Face Censorship and Blacklisting

Artists in South Korea are being blacklisted for creating expressive art that depicts political leaders such as South Korean President, Park Geun-hye. The artists are being denied their right to express themselves and it is silencing their voice. The blacklisting has been taking place for some years now, adding up to over 9,000 artists being added to the list. The list isn’t just about artist expression, it’s about basic ethical rights and being able to speak your mind freely. Limiting speech and expression has lead to oppression in the past, and it will surely have an impact on the culture and the lifestyle of the people of South Korea. Freedom of speech is something that helps cultures grow and become conscious of our actions and lifestyles. This limiting of speech isn’t going unnoticed however, the people of South Korea are pushing to using this blacklisting as  a tool to help impeach Ms. Park. With the state of technology it’s rare that an artist or any person for that matter can be silenced completely. Their images, their words, and their stories are still getting out, we can’t let ourselves succumb to these types of limitations. These artists are what challenge the ideas and make us aware of what change is necessary to move forward. It will only be a matter of time before these blacklisted artists are ‘set free’ and able to express themselves freely again.


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