Practice BP

President-elect Trump is determining putting a new committee together during his presidency. He wants to make people more aware of vaccinations leading to autism. He claims he is pro-vaccine unlike the potential leader of this panel who is extremely anti-vaccine, Robert F. Kennedy, former President John F. Kennedy’s nephew. Medical professionals have spoken up and said they would like to be a part of this committee in part of informing people vaccines are in fact entirely safe. Trump states he wants smaller dosages over a longer period of time rather than a single large dose.

While Kennedy is leading this committee will he actually consider the ethics behind this? He is an author of a book about how thimersol, a mercury-based preservative found in vaccines, is responsible for causing autism in children. Kennedy has also blamed the CDC for overlooking these issues. Every medical professional throughout this article has stated that vaccines are safe. They will not cause autism, they do not have one sufficient study leading to this proposition. A study done in Britain was actually debunked because the results showed no signs of vaccinations leading to autism.

The problem with these two politicians raising this kind of awareness will not only lead to people actually believing them, but they will not get themselves or their children vaccinated. Which could lead to unnecessary outbreaks across the nation that can be prevented by one single vaccine. Also, while these people stop vaccinating they are putting herd immunity in danger. People who are already sick, may be pregnant, and infants may not be able to receive a certain vaccine, causing them to get a certain disease they were not eligiable to get vaccinated for. These people rely on us to become vaccinated. Claiming vaccinations lead to autism is ethically and morally incorrect. Save the herd immunity and get vaccinated friends!



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