BP#1 practice post


It is no secret that in this day and age technology is on the rise. Between smartphones, tablets and new technological devices, we see it changing the way we communicate every day. Technology is also changing in the work place. Businesses are looking for ways to make labor more efficient even if that means cutting its number of human labor employees. Although the pace of rising technology seems to be through the roof, the pace of robots taking the place of employees is happening more gradually than expected and could possibly take decades to develop. This is due to the economies regulations and social attitudes. What people are concerned with the most about is the amount of jobs that will be cut if robots begin to take over. The McKinsey & Company researches who conducted this report and researched for years that by adding robot technology to the work enviroment, will transform work more than it will eliminate jobs. They predict that only about 5% of jobs will be lost due to this new transformation and save about 49% of time spent on these work activities.

Personally I think that the number of jobs are at risk. We are already seeing today how technology has taken the place of certain jobs such as online banking, prepress technician workers, postal service wokers, etc. Mostly everyone especially the younger generations are doing there banking online or through their smart phones and receiving their bills and important mail through internet technology as well. My parents do in fact still receive the weekly newspaper and I think that is common for their generation but young people are receiving their news through social media and online web serves due to the fact that it is cheaper and more efficient. Is it unethical to have robots stealing away jobs from human laborers and putting families in financial trouble just because it is more efficient?


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