BP1 – Humans will be next to Transform.

50% of jobs may be taken by a more qualified employee, yes that’s right, your home computer.

According to the above article written by the New York Times, jobs being taken by robots may be further in our future than previously thought. The article addressed the growing concerns around expanding Artificial Intelligence and automation that could replace the work that people are currently doing today.

Although the technologies we have created are capable of several tasks many people call their job today, this article states that only about 5% of jobs could be completely automated at this time. In addition, they stated that many people are in fear of the rising technologies for industries such as truck driving, but the feasibility of financially affording a fleet of self-driving trucks is not there.

Thus, many jobs will eventually be replaced by robots and we currently have the technology available to do so, but the rate at which these technologies will actually be adopted into the workplace is extremely slower than expected.

I recently read a piece by communications connoisseur Vilem Flusser, stating that people are often so busy working that usually do not have time to develop philosophical perspectives on life. Furthermore, he stated that a human’s life would be more enjoyable if they had time to think about these higher level thoughts.

This article connects with Flusser’s point directly. If those people working menial jobs were replaced by robots there may be issues with economics, but as for the personal development of each human it would depend on how they respond, and their level of preparation for their termination.

Some may be empowered with the time to begin thinking about what matters most in life and begin using their second attention to design a different set of principles to live by than previously managed.

Deep down, I believe that robots taking the “menial labor” jobs would be a great benefit over time. If we responded to the incident properly.


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