Practice Post Swiss Muslim girls must learn to swim with boys, court rules


This article talks about how the parents of two young girls were denied the request to remove their girls out of taking a swimming class, that was coed, due to their religion.

In 2008, a school in the city of Basel, Switzerland told a Muslim couple that their daughters have to take a mandatory swimming class, despite that the parents not wanting their daughters taking a co-ed swimming class. The parents decided to sue the school officials. Two years later, officials made a fine for 1,400 Swiss francs, about 1,380 USD, for the parents who refused the request of the school. The European Court of Human Rights sided with the Swiss officials and by doing that, “the Swiss authorities had violated the “freedom of thought, conscience and religion”” that is guaranteed by The Human Rights officials.

In May, a similar case occurred in Basel-Landschaft, located next to the canton of Basel-Stadt were the swimming case is taking place, two brothers refused to shake their teachers hand for religious reason. The actions of these two brothers “provoked a national uproar” according to Dan Bilefsky, author of the article.

“The challenge of integrating immigrants had spilled over into culture, and, at times, help fan a simmering culture war”. –            Bilefsky

In Denmark, pork is in almost every dish. It is the staple of their culture, and in the article say that because that number of immigrants that reside in that country cannot eat pork, because of religious purposes, they feel like they will be losing a key part of their culture to accommodate refuges. So, many people are arguing not to change the school menus because of it. Needless to say, authorities are not upholding religious values to accommodate a small majority.




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