Brady and Flat Balls

This article is about the Tom Brady incident concerning deflated footballs during an AFC title game. In the game of football winning is a very  thing to most if not all teams that compete within the seasons of football.

People will say do anything it takes to win especially if the following games are direly important to the succes rate of the team. With that statement there a lot of things happen to have a conflict of interest. With wanting to win as the most important things to the athletes they take a lot of things in to accountablity.

In this particular case there is a moral issue at stake. Now everyone who is a Patriots fan or Patriot athlete will want to do anything they can to be to come out victorious. Although that may be the case the Patriots did not go about that in the right manner. They resulted to deflating the balls in order to have an easier time with the football.

Deflating footballs is definitely a cheaters way to help win a football game. In this whole case it announced that Tom Brady disposed of his cellular device around the time of the deflating of the footballs. With that being said this makes Brady look very suspicious. It’s is pretty obvious that he disposed of his cellular device because their was information regarding the footballs.

It was unnoticed the balls were deflated until after the fact. In this scenario the Patriots got what they wanted which was the AFC title. Which on the outside looking in is considered as cheating. Tom Brady got exactly what he wanted but at the cost of sacrificing his morals. This goes to show that no matter what status you have as a person you are still obligated to act morally and do things the right way.


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