Stand for Something

Today a 94-year-old man, a Pearl Harbor survivor issued a sharp message to younger Americans Tuesday: “Be American.”

Lester Lindow  gave a telephone interview on “Happening Now” today on Fox news.  In this interview he talked about his Navy career on the USS Maryland, where he was on that fateful day on December 7, 1944 when the Attack on Pearl Harbor began. Lindow was quoted saying that “he loved to go to the beach while he was stationed in Hawaii ” and that on the day of the attack, he did not plan to fight, but rather go surfing with friends.

“We stepped on the quarterdeck and about that time I seen an airplane go over with a big red ball on the side and I knew what that was,” Lindow said. “And about that time the bugler sounded general orders, and he said this is no bull you-know-what”(Scanlon). Lindow lost three men on his ship.

When asked if he had a message to pass along, Lindow said, “Be American”

In a world where everyone seems to be standing for something, we need to ask ourself, is what we are standing for worth it?  Today, I sit listening to the news about the states recounting votes from the Presidential election.  What states the democrats want to recount to try and get a different result, and to the tune of how much money?  We see American citizens burning American flags balking at the very freedom Lester Lindow fought so hard to earn for all of us.  What is this world coming to?  Maybe we should focus on the story of Lester Lindow and “Be American”.  We need to stop throwing fits when elections do not go our way, and learn what it is like to “Be American”  We need to pledge allegiance to the American flag, and be grateful for the freedom it stands for and “Be American”Read full story here


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