BP #10 Revised


Within this article, it speaks about how women are in lower level law schools versus prestigious institutions. Women are getting in more law schools then ever, but they aren’t the highest ones. The most women ever are getting into law school but less than 20% have partnerships at firms. This poses an issue because women aren’t able to get the highest paying job where as men are getting that. This shows that its a clear disadvantage because they are less likely to get financial security, this is a professional disadvantage.

The principle of utility is what can be related to this ongoing issue that is starting to arise. I think the issue is that women work very hard to get into college and then on top of that law school The main issue is these collegiate graduates are applying to the same places and positions as men but the men are still getting the spot over them because of the degree the men have achieved. The principle of utility states that actions or behaviors are right in so far as they promote happiness or pleasure, wrong as they tend to produce unhappiness or pain. Hence, utility is a teleological principle. These women are trying to promote their happiness and further their pleasure by educating themselves and going to law school. But then ultimately they are unaware that they are promoting unhappiness or pain to themselves because they are unable to get a job or provide for themselves.



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