Final Blog Post

In the military many people are exposed extreme conditions. Even among soldiers the idea of crawling across hot dessert sands in the middle of the day in nothing but your underwear is taking it too far. This is just one of the many scenes in a documentary called “The Soldiers” which depicts the harsh realities of being a Egyptian soldier. The practices that happen in the Egyptian army are what many call torture. We can compare this to the idea of professional ethics. It is understandable that being a military the superior officers have to push their men to do things that they would not normally do to prepare them for fighting. Officers in the army are using their power to force soldiers into degrading tasks and giving them less food then they need. Even among a military this is an unethical practice and use of power to make the people under them to harm their soldiers for their own entertainment.

Normally this movie would spark dialogue and unease about how soldiers are treated by their superiors but this movie is different. Instead of premiering in Egypt as a commentary to its people it was shown on AL Jazeera a broadcasting company owned by Qatar. The two countries already have high tensions with each other and this movie has fanned the flames of their relationship. The rise in tensions started when Egypt jailed their president Mohammed Mosi in 2013 for spying for the royal family of Qatar. When it comes to the ethnically of the movie itself i believe that we need to look at how it was presented. The fact that the Qatar government has aired this movie is form a utilitarian  unethical. Overall this creates more tension between the two countries and that could lead to conflict. I am not trying to state that this one act will cause a military response but it creates even more tension between the two countries. With the


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